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Car Insurance in NJ

It doesn't matter if you drive a minivan, pickup, or a sports car. At Sweeney, Richards & Summers, we want to help you find the best car insurance policy for your needs and lifestyle. Not all auto insurance policies are the same, and they are not easy to understand without the help of experienced professionals.


You can rely on our knowledgeable car insurance agents in Denville, NJ to work with you on a personal level - that is why our clients call us the best car insurance company in NJ! We'll listen to your concerns and focus our search on competitively priced policies that will get you the exact coverage you need, without having to spend extra cash on policy additions you don't need. We are proud to serve all people and businesses throughout Northern New Jersey.

Affordable Car Insurance Policies

When you come to us to find your car insurance policy, you will be pleased to see many affordable options. Get a policy that offers great coverage without breaking the bank.

What Car Insurance is Required in NJ?

In the state of New Jersey, all drivers are required to carry some level of insurance coverage - liability at the very least. An important note is that liability only covers the damage that you inflict on other vehicles and people. Liability does not cover you or your vehicle. If you depend on your vehicle for extensive daily use, we highly recommend that you upgrade from liability to a more comprehensive insurance policy.


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What Are the Different Types of Auto Insurance Policies?

Auto insurance policies include various types of coverage, all with differing amounts of coverage and premiums. Coverage can include:


  • Damage Liability

  • Bodily Damage Liability

  • Collision

  • Comprehensive

  • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Note that certain coverages are required when you finance a vehicle, including collision and comprehensive coverages.

​Does Auto Insurance Cover Medical Bills Due to an Accident?

Auto insurance does not pay for medical bills due to an automobile accident unless you get a plan that specifically cover it. Our auto insurance agents can explain the costs and benefits of plans that offer medical expense coverage.

Additional Auto Insurance Coverage Options:

If you rely on your vehicle every day, you may want to consider additional coverage options, including roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. Also, if you have made custom additions to your vehicle like wheels or lights, these additions may require riders or endorsements.

Insurance for Specialty Vehicles

Motorcycle Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Personal Watercraft Insurance

Boat Insurance

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