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Snow Removal Insurance

If there's one thing that all contractors can agree on, it's that preparedness for the upcoming snow season allows your crews to perform at their best. But contractors also know that there is huge risk involved. Sweeney, Richards & Summers will work with you to enforce documentation & procedures that deter fraudulant slip and fall claimants and ensure your properties are properly taken care of.

What Snow Removal Insurance Coverage Is Right For You?

Everyone who engages in winter services has specific needs. Snow Removal presents much risk to you and your employees as it does to others. An effective policy and documentation is critically important. Medical costs related to slip and falls can quickly go beyond the standard maximum insurance payout making being insured properly for your operation even more critical for your operation. Here are a few more policy options to consider:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability

  • Comprehensive and collision

  • Custom parts and accessories

  • Roadside assistance

  • Completed Operations Coverage


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Types of Snow Removal We Cover

  • Contracts from National or Regional Wholesalers

  • Small Box Retailers

  • Big Box Retailers

  • Shopping Centers and Malls

  • Seasonal Contracts

  • Per Inch or Per Push Contracts

  • Private Residences

  • Group Homes

  • Medical Centers and Hospitals

  • Stadiums and Event Centers

  • Hand Work and Sidewalks

  • Snow Haulers

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