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Homeowner's Insurance

It's likely that your home is the largest investment you'll ever make. It's a safe place where you spend quality time with family and friends. It's also where you store most of your valuable items. If you want to ensure that your family, property, and possessions are always protected, get in touch with the agents at Sweeney, Richards & Summers today.

We work with all the top homeowners and condo insurance providers in the country, and we'll find the policies that speak directly to your needs, budget, and lifestyle. We've been offering competitive prices and exceptional services for over 55 years, and that will never change.

Do You Need Homeowners and Condo Insurance?

All home and condo owners should take the necessary steps to protect their investment. Often times, condos will come with a special type of insurance that covers the basic structure of the building but nothing else. If you want to protect your floors, cabinetry, fixtures, and possessions, you'll have to get your own policy.

Homeowner's Insurance Policy Options:


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  • Comprehensive Coverage - Most comprehensive policies provide basic protections against storm damage, fire damage, theft, vandalism, etc.

  • Liability - Liability coverage helps to cover the cost when someone is injured on or by your property.

  • Personal Property - This coverage protects the possessions and contents within your home. While some items are irreplaceable, the right policy will be able to help you recover most of the possessions that have been lost.

  • Other Structures - Structures such as pool houses, barns, sheds, and detached garages are not generally included in a homeowner's policy. Additional coverage will be required.

  • Loss of Use - If your property has suffered severe structural damage that requires extensive repair, loss of use coverage will cover the cost of lodging while the home remains under construction.

  • Valuable Items Coverage - A policy of this type will help offset the cost of more expensive items that are stolen or destroyed, including heirlooms, antiques, jewelry, artworks, electronics, and more.

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